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Psychology Session




Psychology Today is a great place to get started finding a therapist who meets your needs. If I'm not the right fit for you I encourage you to find the one who is!

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 24-hour hotline - if you just need someone to talk to right now, there's an anonymous ear out there ready to listen

988 is a new service like 911 for mental health crisis - call or text

National Domestic Violence Hotline is also 24-hours and can provide support finding safe shelter or just a supportive ear to provide crisis counseling

How to Deal with Anxiety is a helpful article that reviews treatment options, causes, and diagnoses

Suicide Prevention Resource Center provides a lot of helpful trainings, articles, and other resources for preventing suicide


Pleasure Unwoven - a documentary that helps us understand how the disease of addiction affects the brain.

Brene Brown Ted talks - if you work with me for any length of time you'll probably hear me talk about her ;). Social worker who discusses the power of vulnerability and shame.

Simon Sinek Ted talk - he's speaking about leadership specifically, but I like the way he talks about the "why" versus the "what" you're doing


Athens Pride & Queer Collective great resource for the queer community in the Athens area - connect, join support groups, and more!

Nuci's Space is a resource targeting prevention of suicide and mental health support, targeted specifically at musicians

UGA Counseling (For Students)

Grail Bra Specialists gender affirming undergarments

BOOKS I LOVE (and often encourage my clients to read!)

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